21 dimanche

Silent Improv

dim, 21 novembre 2021 (10 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min)
Rue Docteur Paul Pujos, Toulouse, France


Starting from the techniques they learned in main international improv theaters, i Bugiardini accepted the challenge of developing some new tools in order to give a new life in modern improv theatre to the classical silent movie features. In this workshop i Bugiardini will share their experience, introducing some exercises “and techniques” discovered in their research, focusing on simple concepts like “be obvious”, “stay connected”, “play the game of the scene”. It will be the chance to explore the opportunity of creating a story using no words. Showing, one more time, how Improv can really be a universal language. WARNING: this is definitely NOT a mime workshop.

  • de 10h à 17h
  • stage ouvert aux improvisateur·rice.s ayant minimum 1 an d’expérience


Tarifs :

  • normal : 75€
  • early bird (4 jours min. avant le début du stage) : 70€
  • adhérent Bulle Carrée : 65€
  • groupe de 4 personnes minimum : 65€
  • groupe de 4 adhérents Bulle Carrée : 60€
  • pass 4 workshops : -5€ sur chaque workshop
  • pass 7 workshops : -10€ sur chaque workshop


dimanche, 21 novembre 2021

10 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min  

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